Introduction Of Organic Agricultural Products

According to the Organic Agriculture Promotion Act and related regulations, agricultural products can be sold, labeled, displayed or advertised as “Organic” only if their production, processing, packaging and distribution meet and passed the certification standard established by the Central competent authority, or meet the relevant regulations on imported agricultural products. However, only the domestic organic agricultural products are allowed to be labeled with “Taiwan Organic Mark”.


Taiwan’s organic certification and accreditation adopts a system of third-party certification, in which an accreditation body must be certified and licensed by the Central competent authority to conduct related organic certification procedures. Currently, there is only one accreditation body in Taiwan, namely the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation , and 16 certification bodies, including 15 certification bodies for organic agricultural food products and 1 certification body for livestock products.

Organic Mark

Legal basis:

Regulations for Managing the Labeling and Marks of Organic Agricultural Products and In-conversion Agricultural Products.


Design concept:

The design concept of organic label adopts an image of leaf, representing a symbol of agricultural products as a gift from the nature, supplemented by the word, “organic” in Chinese and English for consumers at home and abroad to identify. The image of three leaves has the significant implication of a joint collaboration among the certification unit, the producers, and consumers to work closely for better improvement. Green is the color of purity and symbolizes the pollution-free organic agriculture, an ideal for a sustainable development of organic agriculture in Taiwan.

Organic Mark

According to Article 18 of the Organic Agriculture Promotion Act, the containers or packages of organic agricultural products and in-conversion agricultural products should be clearly marked in Chinese and common symbols with the following items:

Product name

For organic agricultural products, the term “organic” shall be indicated; for in-conversion agricultural products, the term “in-conversion agricultural products” shall be indicated.


Those containing more than one ingredient shall be accordingly indicated in a descending order of proportion; in the case of a product containing single ingredient represented by the product name, the product is exempted from ingredient indication. 

The name, address, and telephone number of the operator

In the case of organic products being imported, the name, address, and telephone number of the importer shall be indicated instead.

Origin country

However, those with the address of the manufacturing plant or certification site that can represent the origin indicated are exempted.

Name of certification body 

Certificate number

In case of imported organic agricultural products, the products shall be indicated with the number of approval document. 

Other items required to be indicated promulgated by the Central Competent Authority

In case of difficulty to label the items mentioned in the previous paragraph due to the limited package surface area, material, or other conditions, the Central Competent Authority may promulgate conditions for exemption or alternative indication methods.

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